FELICITA - Short feature film by Salome Aleksi


Tamara lives and works in Italy. She takes care of an aged lady named Paola. Her job allows her to save up some money and support her children who live with their father in one of Georgia's tiny villages. Meanwhile, her husband dies in a car accident but her illegal status doesn't allow Tamara to leave Italy. Unable to attend his funeral, she decides to participate to her husband's funeral via the long distance cellular call.


Based on a novel by Zaira Arsenichvili

Running time 30 min.
Format  4K DCP

Original version georgian
Subtitels  english/italian/french/german

Directed by Salomé Aleksi

Director of Photography Giorgi Beridze

Original score by Giya Kancheli

Set designer Vaja Jalarania

Director Assistant Assia Zipper

Executive Producer  Director Assistant Mariam Kandelaki

Edited by  Salome Machaidze, Elene Murjikneli

Sound by  Nassim EL Mounabbih

Sound Assistant  Adrien Zipper

Sound consultant  Nicolas Becker

Sound mixed by  Cyril Holz


Voice over by  Marina Kobakhidze

Gia Abesalashvili

Rusudan Bolkvadze

Paata Guliashvili

Nino Kasradze

Ia Sukhitashvili

Thanks to Koka Togonidze & Lana Goberidze